Tiernan can sit!! =)

My darling can sit at 20 weeks 3 days old!! Mummy’s so proud of you!! ^^

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Daddy saw Tiernan flip from back to front last night!! Wearing an ‘I Love Daddy’ jumper no less.. But right arm still trapped under him..

Not his first time flipping, he flipped on Sunday 18th July at 19 weeks without trapping his arm but Daddy didn’t get to see that. We should put him on his back more to give him more opportunities to practice flipping!! =)

Here’s how he ended up!

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Tiernan got to play at Pinnacles@Duxton today. The sun was bright and he seemed to enjoy himself. He also got a lot of love from all of Mummy’s friends. We hope to take him out to such nice places again more often!

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Hello world!

This blog was set up to track my darling son’s progress in life.

My darling Tiernan, you were born into this world with more love than you could ever imagine. Your parents love you to bits and all your other relatives are fighting over you. I hope that you will grow up smart, strong and healthy, and may you always be happy.

With all my love,


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